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Make it happen

Using a structured and proven pricing methodology, working cross-functionally, aligning the team, and asking challenging and relevant questions leads to the most effective outcome for your business.

As part of the Ripe methodology, we use a structured framework that accesses and captures all the relevant information from every perspective. So that pricing is handled as an essential part of the marketing mix and sales execution. Focusing everyone on the key actions to deliver the results.

By capitalising on the varying perspectives and experience of all the functions involved, you can make more rounded pricing decisions. Our multi-functional approach builds alignment on pricing actions and increases the probability of value being generated in a sustainable way.

At Ripe Strategic we ask pivotal questions that challenge current norms. What have we done to deserve a price increase? This drives penetrating thinking about how brand equity/value is being grown with the consumer. And sheds light on your position with the customer.

Clarifying roles and responsibilities, deciding who makes decisions and how, and aligning cross-functional skills are prerequisites for a successful outcome.