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Changing the internal pricing culture

We help you achieve sufficient focus on pricing and gain the right skills.

Strategic and annual planning

Align the business around pricing decisions

  • Bring an objective view and help people with different goals, backgrounds and functions see things the same way
  • Facilitate conversations so that the team, decision makers, stakeholders, influencers and brand owners and influencers commit to the same aims
  • Help you decide how to handle pricing when you have an over or under supply of product or a production capacity issue

Capability development

  • Broaden the skill base and deliver change management programmes to make this successful
  • Upgrade the pricing skills of an individual, a brand or functional team, a project team or an entire organisation. Design and embed programmes that are tailored for your requirements and can be used across the organisation

The team’s backgrounds, experience, expectations and focus will differ, as will their knowledge. This makes gaining alignment critical to success.